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Artists have an uncanny knack for finding beauty in the
mundane. This is when artists are at their best. Many
believe that artists possess something magical and
indescribable -- a natural talent bequeathed to a select
few only. As a student of art and now an art educator, I
have learned these myths are not wholly true. Skill can
be taught, and the language of art can be learned. But
the magic is in the artists; perceptions and descriptions
of the world around them. Artists truly shine when they
eloquently depict the scenes, details, and secrets that
others miss as they walk down the street.

As artists, if we remain in our ivory towers we can
become somewhat impaired and stale. We need to
bounce ideas off of one another and interact and
respond to our environment. Relishing the details,
personalities, colors, and secrets around me is what
feeds my soul and my art. I strive to find new ways to
connect with my world and the wonderful people who
move in and out of my life. This may take the form of
traditional paintings, such as portraits and landscapes,
but it may also enter the world of surrealism. My greatest
struggle is to find subjects that are both personal and
universal and infuse them with meaning that can be
appreciated on many levels.   

-Sarah Curry
Artist represented by Hedge Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio